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How it Works

Welcome to the registration system for 2020 for North Coast Raiders Hockey Club.  This year there is a two-step process again.

You can’t play hockey for North Coast Raiders until both steps are completed.

STEP 1 – Hockey Australia & Hockey WA registration and player insurance

Step 1 provides the following:

  • Registers your interest in playing for North Coast Raiders in 2020
  • Payment of the Hockey Australia (HA) Levy & player insurance coverage for 2020
  • Registration in the Hockey WA online Revolution Sports system, making you eligible to play in Hockey WA competitions (Juniors, Seniors, Masters)

All payments in this step go 100% to Hockey Australia, being:

  • Player under 9 yrs:  No fee
  • Player 9-18 yrs:  $31.50
  • Player 19 yrs & over:  $43
  • Coach, umpire, match official, volunteer, social member:  No Fee

Please note:

  • A processing & credit card fee is added to the above amounts
  • You only need to do this once even if playing in multiple competitions (e.g. Weekend Grass & Midweek Turf)
  • For information about the HA levy, then please click HERE
  • For information on what is done with the HA levy, then please click HERE

Your contact details will be registered with both Hockey Australia and Hockey WA and you may receive emails directly from those organisations.

When registering with Hockey Australia (Step 1 of the Registration process) please select Register rather than Renew. Hockey Australia has implemented the registration system this year with a new company so all registrations have to be new rather than using the information that was input last season.

STEP 1 – Click HERE to Register with Hockey Australia & Hockey WA, Including Insurance

STEP 2 – North Coast Raiders Registration Fees


The Board has revised the Registration fee structure for the reduced 2020 season. The revised fees have been determined based on a combination of the grade, surface and type of competition you are playing in. A separate communication has been sent regarding the fee reduction.

If you have already completed Step 2 and paid in full, or part of your fees through a split payment, then the club will in touch with you shortly to request that you:

  • Pay the gap up to the revised fee, or
  • Advise of any refund that you can either donate back to the club or have refunded.

Step 2 provides you with:

  • Registration as a player with North Coast Raiders in 2020 (no pay, no play)
  • North Coast Raiders Hockey Club membership

All payments are processed online using a credit card to pay.  Payment options are:

  • Full payment at time of registration – this is a discounted fee, or
  • $50 deposit plus split payments over three months (on the 20th of each month)

Fee discounts and split payment options will not be available after 31 July 2020.

Families can pay multiple registrations in one transaction.

If you have any problems with registering or paying, please contact

You can also make a donation to the club by selecting that option below before going to the checkout to pay.  Your donation will assist with club running expenses. COVID-19 has greatly stressed the Clubs sponsorship, fundraising and bar/club house income so your support is greatly appreciated.

STEP 2 – Scroll Down and Select the Registration Option(s) You Wish to Process Today

KidSport: Local councils are again supporting the KidSport program in 2020. If you have a concession card, the program will pay for registration fees up to $150 for each eligble child from 5-18 years.   During the registration process in Step 1, please answer the question to indicate that you wish to claim a KidSport grant and continue on to pay the Hockey Australia fee.  Complete Step 2 as well and pay in full or use the payment plan option.  Once you complete your online KidSport application please email the token you are given to the Treasurer at  We will submit an invoice for payment to be paid to the club of $150.  The Treasurer will then contact you to provide the refund.

Casual Registration: Available for up to 6 games – full payment only. Then per game payment for up to an additional 6 games up to 12 in total.  Any more than 12 games and you are classified as a full time member of the club and therefore have to pay full fees.

Juniors playing Senior Grades: For Juniors that are choose to play in Senior Grades for development, the following fee structure applies:

  • 1st Year playing Seniors – FREE
  • 2 Year playing Seniors – $82 (to be refunded if the Junior plays 4 games or less in Seniors)
  • To be paid upfront and then refunded at the end of season upon application to the Registrar

Processing Fees: All fee amounts are inclusive of credit card processing fees, calculated as 1.8% + 30c for each transaction.

Refunds: A refund of 50% of full fees will be paid if a player is injured and plays 6 games or less.  Full refunds (less an administrative fee as the club’s discretion) are payable on withdrawal prior to the end of July if no games have been played.

Student / Apprentice: Students or apprentices to present their current year enrollment evidence or apprenticeship paperwork if requested.

Coaches: To be appointed by the club.  Any payments made to coaches will occur separately to this registration process.  Any player who is coaching must register as a player first unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Registrar

TeamApp: Your details will be cross referenced with our TeamApp database and club communications sent via TeamApp.  Find us on TeamApp – search for “North Coast Raiders HC”.

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