Club Registration

This year The North Coast Raiders Hockey Club will be migrating all of its Club Membership and Player Registration process over to TEAMAPP.  As we get closer to the playing season you will see all individual team management through TEAMAPP including player availabilities and team selection.  As well as the usual notifications, club communications and newsletters.

You will need to download and activate TEAMAPP on your mobile phone and then search and add North Coast Raiders Hockey Club as your team.  Purchase Player registrations from the Store in the app.  A detailed explanation can be downloaded here  How to sign up to Team App

In order to correctly establish the membership and access groups of the club in TEAMAPP, you have been placed into last year’s membership group.  Over the next few weeks you will be asked to update your membership of the club (access Group) by either requesting to join one of the Club Membership Groups that will become available in the application or through the purchase of a PLAYER REGISTRATION through the Club store.

It is important to remember that the CLUB MEMBERSHIP process is separate from the PLAYER REGISTRATION process.  CLUB MEMBERSHIP is required in order for the club to meet its statutory obligations under the various acts and regulations that govern clubs and associations.  PLAYER REGISTRATION is a separate process required by Hockey WA and will be sold for the respective playing group and gender through the North Coast Raiders Hockey Club Store.

All listed fees below include the bank handling charges that are applied to the club.

For Senior Playing Members

If you wish to play hockey in a NCRHC senior team this year, you need to PURCHASE a player registration through the NCRHC TEAMAPP STORE. This is THE ONLY way for senior players to both renew their membership of the club and to PURCHASE PLAYER REGISTRATION for the up coming season. All those that have applied to join the 2018 Playing Member – Senior access group will be denied access because you will automatically get access to that group once you purchase the applicable player registration in the NCRHC STORE in TEAMAPP.

Please review the detailed instructions in the NEWS ITEM and the NEWSLETTER areas of TEAMAPP for more information on how to register as a senior player. Specifically note the opening paragraph under the title “For Senior Playing Members” that states “Your Club Membership will be updated when you purchase the applicable PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE through the Club Store (available NOW)”.

Please email if you have any questions after reading the detailed instructions.

Thanks for your help in this transition period.

The list of Senior Playing Registrations that will be available in the NCR store are listed below;

For Life Members
Obviously there is no Club membership fee for Life Members, however we need you to request access to the Life Members 2018 and update or create (for first time users of the APP) your membership details.

If you intend to play in the 2018 season, you will need to purchase the applicable playing registration in the APP store.


For Social Members
Your membership details will be required to update once you purchase an applicable social membership.

2018 SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP – CLASS 1 – Without a child/children/spouse/partner who is a playing member $20
2018 SOCIAL MEMBER – CLASS 2 – With a child/children/spouse/partner who is a playing member $20

For Junior Members
We need Parents or Guardians to register in TEAMAPP FIRST so that they can purchase a Player Registration for their child and in order to receive the team playing and selection information for the junior player through TEAMAPP.

For Parents or Guardians of Junior Members, there is a specific group to subscribe to in TEAMAPP (2018 PARENT OR GUARDIAN OF JUNIOR MEMBER).  You will need to establish your membership FIRST as the Parent or Guardian of the Junior Member and then nominate the junior player in a specific part of that registration process.

Please complete the membership questions as you (not the junior member) and then nominate the name/s of the junior member in the space provided.  The waiver question will be applied to the Junior member/s. Please complete the Emergency Contact questions with the details that you would like the club to contact in case of emergency of the Junior Member Nominated.  The parent that nominates the junior players will automatically become the Primary guardians.  Primary Guardians will receive notifications and e-mails, plus have the authority to respond in the app on behalf of the child.


There has been some confusion regarding the registration of junior players in TEAMAPP.  The player registration process is a two part process.

Parents or guardians of junior players need to request access to the “2018 Parent or Guardian of Junior Member” access group FIRST. This is done by accessing the settings part of TEAMAPP and clicking on the “ACCESS GROUPS” Tab. Request access to the group by clicking on the access group – 2018 Parent or Guardian Junior Member. It will open up a form that asks a series of questions relevant to you and your junior members (follow the guidance on the instructions in the NEWSLETTER and NEWS articles published on 01FEB18). This is required to be completed before player registration can commence.

Wait for that request to be approved by the registrar. The registrar will add your child/children as JUNIOR MEMBERS OF THE CLUB.

Once your access request has been approved, please proceed to the STORE and purchase the relevant Player Registration/s applicable to your junior player.

Completion of both of these steps is necessary in order to have a valid junior club membership and junior playing registration.

Please email if you have any further queries.

We encourage Parents and Guardians to become social members of the club by purchasing a social Membership.

Junior Player Registrations that will be available in the NCR once registration opens are listed below:

Payment Plans and Government Subsidies
Normally Player Registration Fees should be paid at the commencement of the season.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty and would like to establish a progress payment plan for the payment of the fees, please email the Administration Director BEFORE making any purchases of player registration in the TEAMAPP Store.

KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5 to18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance of up to $150 per calendar year towards club fees.

Who is eligible for KidSport?
All Western Australian children aged 5 to 18 with a valid Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card are eligible for KidSport.

How does KidSport work?
Currently KidSport can be applied for online or by using a hard copy application form.

KidSport applications are assessed by the local government in which the child resides. If an application is approved, the parents will receive a code (unique to the application) via email. The code needs to be provided to the club so that the approved amount can be deducted from the registration fees.

Parents/Guardians of Junior Playing Members should apply for the Kidsport assistance BEFORE purchasing any Junior Player Registration and email the Administration Director at with the applicable code.  Registration information and player registration process will be emailed back to you with instructions on how to pay any remaining fees through the TEAMAPP Store.

To get the most out the switch by the club to TEAMAPP, it is important that you download the application and sign on using the same email address that you use to register to play.  If you have any questions about the Club Membership or Player Registration processes, please email

TEAMAPP or Registration Issues
If you experience any problems or have concerns with the Registration process, please email

Looking forward to an exciting season in 2018.